Climate Change Impact, Vulnerability Assessment, and Economic Analysis of Adaptation Strategies in Ben Tre, Vietnam

by Kim Anh T. Nguyen, Trang T.H. Le, Chuong N.P.T. Bui, Tram Anh T. Nguyen, Curtis M. Jolly

This study identified the impacts of climate change on the rural households of Ben Tre province, and subsequently conducted an economic analysis of the planned climate change adaptation (CCA) strategies of the community. Three focus group discussions were conducted in the study in order to identify the vulnerable sectors and households in the chosen sites. A household survey among 300 respondents was also conducted to obtain information on Ben Tre residents’ awareness and knowledge of climate change, and on the autonomous CCA strategies being used by the residents. The researchers subsequently conducted a cost effectiveness analysis of two CCA strategies planned by the provincial government.

  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Country: Vietnam
  • Research Area: Climate Change
  • Research Topic: Adaptation Practices/Projects
  • Analytical Framework: Benefit Valuation, Damage Valuation
Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia