Households’ Perception of Arsenic-Contaminated Water and Determinants of Piped Water Connection in Arsenic-Contaminated Areas in the Red River Delta, Vietnam

by Le Ha Thanh, Pham Hong Chuong, Trinh Nam Anh, and Le Thai Ha

This study assessed households’ perception of arsenic-contaminated water and the determinants of households’ decision to connect to the piped water network in arsenic contaminated areas of the Red River Delta. The assessment was based on a field survey of 443 households in Ha Nam province. The report also discusses policy recommendations such as connection subsidies, awareness raising, collective action, and the entry of the private sector to expand services and introduce fair competition in the provision of safe water for the welfare of all in Vietnam.

  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Country: Vietnam
  • Research Area: Pollution Control, Water Resources
  • Research Topic: Pollution Impacts and Health, Water Pollution Issues
  • Analytical Framework: Econometric Analysis, Economic Analysis
Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia