An Overview of PES Implementation in the Philippines

by Paula Beatrice M. Macandog

Payment for ecosystem services (PES) is an emerging scheme in resource conservation, which has been recognized in the Philippines as a viable approach to environmental conservation. Although the Philippines still lacks a national policy that provides a framework for establishing PES, there are various policies that may provide an enabling environment for such schemes. Adequate laws exist, which regulate the delivery and utilization of environmental services, protection of source areas, and extension of benefits to local communities in the source areas. The various institutional players in the ecosystem services sectors include government agencies and corporations, private sector, donor community, civil society, and the local government. This study was done to provide an overview of the implementation of PES and PES like schemes in the Philippines. It also highlights the success stories in the country, describes the challenges, and determines the future research needs for the advancement of this interdisciplinary.

  • Publication Year: 2016
  • Country: Philippines
  • Research Area: Forestry, Protected Area and Biodiversity
  • Research Topic: PES Review, Pilot or Evaluation
  • Analytical Framework: PES Review and Profiling, Policy Analysis
Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia