Environment and Natural Resources: Trade-Offs and Management Options Case Study Materials for Teaching and Training


This handbook contains 14 cases of real-life environmental problems in Southeast Asia. The case writers present the data and analysis of the issues and their solutions based on the research projects they did, which were all funded by the Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia. The problem-oriented cases end with questions posed to resource managers and/or policy makers. They are meant for training course participants or students of environment economics courses who will be asked to play the roles of decision makers, consultants, or analysts when they discuss the questions posed to them. Specifically, the cases presented in this handbook deal with issues involving (1) the conflicting uses of critical natural resources in both marine and forest areas; (2) overfishing and aquaculture pollution and efforts to restore fish habitats; (3) water pollution cases, particularly those caused by economic activities such as livestock development and the agroprocessing industry; and (4) the pressure on forest resources as a result of rising energy consumption and the search for alternative energy sources.


Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia