Criteria for Assessment of Proposals

EEPSEA uses the following criteria to assess research proposals:

Policy relevance Is the policy issue well chosen and clearly specified? It should be something potentially useful to policy makers, not purely an academic exercise. The objectives and methods should flow logically from the research question; application of a particular method or techniques should not be an end in itself.
Objectives Are the research questions clearly stated and testable?
Methodology Is this clearly specified? If so, would the methods be adequate to meet the objectives?
Scope Is it feasible with the time & resources available?
Novelty The study need not be pathbreaking, but should at least not duplicate any existing studies.
Literature Is the literature survey relatively complete?

Our rule of thumb for deciding whether a grant can be approved is "Is the project ready to begin?" If there are still important choices to be made about objectives, research methods, study sites, and so on, then it is not ready.

Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia